Your old Cell Phones can save the Rainforest

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Old Cell Phone will save the Rainforest

Rainforest is naturally noisy and has the most complicated soundscapes on the earth. The noise comes from the insects, primates, birds and everything that moves in the forest. Now tell me that, How will you detect the sound of the illegal logging?

May be this answer is available to the cell phone which you have left unused in your drawer as because of that has grown old.

How do the old cell phone will save the rainforest?

After a visit to the rainforests of Borneo, physicist and engineer Topher White was struck by the sounds of the forest. In particular, the noises he couldn’t hear.

While on a walk, White and others came across an illegal logger sawing down a tree just a few hundred meters away from a ranger station.

This incident set White thinking that perhaps the best way to save the Earth’s precious rainforest is to listen to its loggers and poachers. The innovation he came up with, Rainforest Connection, uses old cell phones to help to save the planet in a big way.

Here is Topher White on the TED stage. TED is promoting the incredible idea of Topher White, so go check them out to see what they’ve presented on the TED stage.

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