What is Programming?

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What is Programming?
Yeah, readers……
I know, something is going on in your brain after reading this typo Post. If you are a programmer of recent era then, I think you are imagining about the four colored cubes of RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW. If your Programming age is more than six to seven years from now and you are just reading this post for fun then you are imagining about the blue screened IDE which was my first and favorite IDE and by using this IDE I learned Programming.

If you have read till this line, then I am damn sure that you have started thinking about the Compilers I am willing to talk about and they are CodeBlocks and Turbo C++


The name of this Post is “What is Programming?”
Answer is: A collection of serially arranged instructions to end a task. So, Programming means a script where the possible techniques are written as an instruction set to complete a task. Now there is a question “why have we started thinking about only C when we are discussing about Programming?” I think this is because we are limited in thinking about some matters in our life.

You are not able to do this, you can’t.

Then you are finish when you are agree with this statement. Just I will have to pass the exam only then I will kick it out. I will kill them who will tell me to learn Programming.

I can’t. When you think it and agree with this then you will cut your name from the list of programmers. When the rest time after exam was there for you to do some sorts of coding, the time won’t help you anymore to do that. May be if anyone could convince you to learn programming that time may be the programming books will be with you after the exam is over.

We had lot of talks till now. Now come to the point. Learning programming is not learning a specific language more over learning the programming methods and techniques for solving problems. Every programming language has some common terms and tasks. They are following:

  • Variables
  • Conditional flow (if else)
  • Loops
  • Different Types of Array
  • Data Structure
  • Algorithms
  • File Management

As the discussed points are mostly same for all programming languages then you can pick any language that will be easy to understand and start programming from right now. Okay, now let me clear you that I am not discouraging you to learn C but I am just trying to give you a message that you have more options than C to start learning programming. You can choose python, C , Scratch (for the little kids) or JavaScript. Now choose anyone and start from today.

Last thing: I will end up my post today by giving two statements of two legends of my career.

Warren Buffet said, “The first rule is not to loose and the second rule is not to forget the first rule”
Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”
So, never loose your patience and keep alive your hungers for programming.

Thank you. Stay tuned and share if you wish. I will be back with new Techie Posts soon. Till then remain safe.

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