LM324 IC or Infrared Proximity Sensor

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LM324 Photodiode sensor or Infrared Proximity Sensor (Line following Robots’ Sensor)

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Today we will talk about LM324 IC or Infrared Proximity Sensor.

Line follower robot needs sensors to detect the line to follow. Robot can detect line in two ways. One is using vision sensor (Robotic eye) or using Photo diode sensors as the line is drawn in single surface with two differentiating colors. Robotic eyes are too expensive so we will have to use use LM324 Photodiode sensor Or Infrared Proximity Sensor.

Now we are going to build a sensor that will sense the reflective objects from a certain distance. This will work as proximity sensor. The components we will need is;


1. IR (Tx)
2. IR (Rx)
3. LM324 Or any Operational Amplifier IC
4. Vero Board (if you know how to build PCB then you can use PCB as well) Or Bread board to test on.
5. Soldering Iron
6. Connecting Wire
7. Connector Pins (male)
8. Jump wire female
9. Potentiometer (10k)
10. LED (any color)
11. Resistors (470 Ohms, 10kilo Ohms)


Follow the circuit diagram and connect the components remember to place the IR Tx and Rx closely as Rx can receive the reflection of IR Tx. now just add an LED positive pin with the output pin and LED negative pin with GND. Now power upĀ  the circuit. Now tune the potentio meter and test the reflection of IR with the effect of LEDs’ response. You will see that the LED will response if you put any reflective material infront of the IR Tx and Rx. The potentiometer will be used to increase or decrease the range. There is a calculation of the Potentiometer and the Resistor and diode. See the image below,

LM324 Or Infrared Proximity Sensor

That’s all for today….. I wish if you do it by yourself then you will feel too much better and it is a fun. If you think this post is useful and can help your friend circle then please share with them. Thank you….!!!!

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