Let us dive into C Part-1 (IDE installation)

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Hello once again.

In my first post I was trying to give you a clear concept about what programming really is and I wish you all now have the minimum basic knowledge about what is actually programming. That’s enough.

I will start with C programming as this is the most common platform for all readers and I will try to cover other languages too that I know well and can give you the proper directions on them.

Requirements for learning C :
  • Computer with at least minimum configuration.
  • Compiler / IDE anyone (Turbo C++, CodeBlocks, Dev C++)
  • A note book
  • Your patience.


Today we are going to start tutorial with IDE installation. It is much more easier and those who have already installed please find the next post.


We will use codeblocks as our default IDE if any one wish to use another one then you can. Just give me feed back if you are stuck with your IDE or anything is wrong.

Click on the link and download the file. Double click on it. It will start installing automatically. After you have installed the IDE it will ask you to open. Open it and you will see a screen like this.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for the next interesting part and you can share this Techie Post if you wish to help me and your friends to reach this post.


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