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We all are accepting the crack happily but is it really safe for your Computer or Data? From that thinking I have written this post. I also feel happy to use the free software but not the cracked one!!!!

Windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 and others windows operating systems are the product of Microsoft Corporation. They are building software for the paid users. Think about the Microsoft office programs, Microsoft Visual Studio; they are all paid. This is known to all that these software are available in the torrent sites for free with cracks. As a software developer or a general user you should never allow the cracked software to be used in your PC. Because they causes malware attack or other phishing programs to be activated in your Computer. As an intelligent user I know you will never wish to give your access of the PC to any hacker.

Therefore, Today we will see some useful and mostly closed to functioning free and open source products for our windows Operating System.

Microsoft Product Open source Product Download Link
Microsoft Office Libre office, Open Office Libre Office: Open Office

Photoshop Gimp
Illustrator Inkscape Link will be available soon.
Internet Download Manager Free download Manager
Microsoft Visual Studio Monodevelop

Now let’s cover some useful editor and tools that are open source and very useful to the software developer and designer.


SQLeo → This is a very important tool for visual query building on MySQL

Visual Studio Code → This is a very light weight and very interactive Editor for any programming language.

Netbeans → This is the best IDE I have ever used for Java and php software development.


There are some websites you can bookmark for your future use:

  1.  sourceforge OpenSource Software platform
  3. mediafire
  4.  WE

That’s all for today guys. I wish you will be benefited by the links I have given. Share this techie Post if you found it useful or bookmark to use later.

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