Basic Website Design (HTML Elements)

HTML Elements:

The web pages are the collection of lots of HTML Elements. There are two types of elements we are using in the web pages. They are:

  • Built-in elements
  • User defined elements.

All elements usually consist of a start tag and end tag, with the content inserted in between:

        Content goes here...

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Basic Website Design (Introduction)

Introduction to Webpage:

Webpages are simply a collections of HTML scripts. When we visit a website that time our browser decodes the HTML codes into webpage view that we see in the display of our desktop, mobile or tablets.

HTML is short of HyperText Markup Language.

  • Hypertext is simply a piece of text that works as a link
  • Markup Language is a way of writing layout information within documents.
Okay now let’s start doing some scripting here.

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The use of ARDUINO in the IoT, Wearable and other handy devices has been increased.

Will you be surprised to know about the use of ARDUINO in the IoT, Wearable and other handy devices has been increased in a  noticeable amount?

Arduino is an open-source electronics board. It has an easy-to-use hardware and software interface. Arduino has three types of boards, Arduino UNO, Arduino NANO and Arduino MEGA. These boards are able to Continue reading “The use of ARDUINO in the IoT, Wearable and other handy devices has been increased.”

Robotics & the world

Robotics is the word where you will find the technological
feelings. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with design, construction, operation and application of robots and computer system for their control, sensory feedback and information processing. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of human.

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Let us dive into C Part-4 (Get some inputs from users)

Hello Everybody…..

I wish you are doing well with C and please give us feedback if you are facing any problem to understand or in the codes.

In my previous post we have learned that how to declare variables for different data types in C and now we are going to use them finally. Please look back if you have missed the previous post.

Now we will use the variable to get inputs from users. We know that a variable assigns some memories when we declare them. We will have to use the memory address to store the value which we will get from the users. Continue reading “Let us dive into C Part-4 (Get some inputs from users)”

Let us dive into C Part-3 (Data types & Variables)

Hello readers!!!!

How’s going on? In my previous Post we saw that how to show something on the console using C program. Those who missed that episode you can click on the link below.

Hello World

Let me ask you a question guys,

How will you get some input from the users in C program using console???

Okay, Generally we will use variables to get inputs from users.

What is variable?
In the terms of C programming, variable is an specific type of memory where we can store any data with the specific data type. Now you may have a Continue reading “Let us dive into C Part-3 (Data types & Variables)”

Let us dive into C Part-2 (Hello World)

Welcome beginners……

We are now ready to dive into C and it’s really very very easy now to code and test the code in your computer.

Our first program will be “Hello World” program. In this program we will know about the basic structure of a C program. How they will work on our compiler and what type of files will be created to run the code. Continue reading “Let us dive into C Part-2 (Hello World)”

Let us dive into C Part-1 (IDE installation)

Hello once again.

In my first post I was trying to give you a clear concept about what programming really is and I wish you all now have the minimum basic knowledge about what is actually programming. That’s enough.

I will start with C programming as this is the most common platform for all readers and I will try to cover other languages too that I know well and can give you the proper directions on them. Continue reading “Let us dive into C Part-1 (IDE installation)”

What is Programming?

What is Programming?
Yeah, readers……
I know, something is going on in your brain after reading this typo Post. If you are a programmer of recent era then, I think you are imagining about the four colored cubes of RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW. If your Programming age is more than six to seven years from now and you are just reading this post for fun then you are imagining about the blue screened IDE which was my first and favorite IDE and by using this IDE I learned Continue reading “What is Programming?”